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Exploring the Heartland of Chinese History: Shaanxi is a beautiful book capturing the essence of this historic center of Chinese civilization. The author, Michael Stone, taught at Seton Hall University's Department of Asian Studies and was Director of the Global Learning Center. While serving as a Visiting Professor at the Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, he was asked to write a book on Shaanxi. The result is a fascinating read covering the rich history and culture of the province. It is not only a solid reference work for scholars, but the lucid writing style and abundant illustrations makes it useful for the classroom and as a guide for anyone wishing to visit the heartland of China. 

Exploring the Heartland of Chinese History: Shaanxi

  • 6x9 paperback, full color, 268 pages, 107 illustrations

    • Timeline
    • Introduction


    • Themes in Chinese History
    • Geography, Climate, and Natural Resoures
    • From Pangu to Neolithic
    • The Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties
    • The Qin Dynasty
    • The Han Dynasty
    • The Three Kingdoms, Western Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties
    • The Sui and Tang Dynasties
    • Late Imperial Period: Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms to Qing Dynasty
    • Republic of China to the Founding of the People's Republic of China
    • Shaanxi Today
    • Bibliography
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