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Exploring the Heartland of Chinese History: Shaanxi, available from Via Media, captures the essence of this historic center of Chinese civilization. The author, Michael Stone, taught at Seton Hall University's Department of Asian Studies. The book is a solid reference work for scholars, while the lucid writing style and abundant illustrations makes it useful for the classroom and as a guide for anyone wishing to visit the heartland of China. Via Media is the only outlet for this title in the US.

Exploring the Heartland of Chinese History: Shaanxi

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  • 6x9 paperback, full color, 268 pages, 107 illustrations

    • Timeline
    • Introduction


    • Themes in Chinese History
    • Geography, Climate, and Natural Resoures
    • From Pangu to Neolithic
    • The Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties
    • The Qin Dynasty
    • The Han Dynasty
    • The Three Kingdoms, Western Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties
    • The Sui and Tang Dynasties
    • Late Imperial Period: Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms to Qing Dynasty
    • Republic of China to the Founding of the People's Republic of China
    • Shaanxi Today
    • Bibliography
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