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This Via Media anthology presents seven articles from the Journal of Asian Martial Arts that deal with Japanese weaponry: archery, short staff, naginata polearm, and test cutting (tamashigiri) with the long sword. Although there is a variety of topics, there is a common theme: the importance of these to Japanese martial traditions. A valuable Via Media title for budo.

Japanese Weapons: An Anthology

  • 6"x9" 98-page paperback, 74 illustrations

    • Testing for Shodan in Japan: Kyudo and Jodo, by David Jones, Ph.D.
    • The Development and History of the Naginata, by Ellis Amdur, M.A.
    • The Warrior’s Prayer: Tokugawa Yoshimune Revives the Yabusame Ceremony, by Reinier H. Hesselink, Ph.D.
    • Hikiotoshi Uchi Kihon: Jodo’s Pull and Drop Strike, by Rick Polland, B.A.
    • My Heart is the Target: Interview with Archer Shibata Kanjuro, by Deborah Klens-Bigman, Ph.D.
    • Is There a Warrior Within?, by Edwin Symmes, B.A.
    • Sword-Cutting Practice of Feudal Japan: Anatomical Considerations of Tameshigiri, by Peter J. Ward, Ph.D. 
    • Index
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