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Keeping This Journal Will Benefit You!

If your goal is to become better skilled in karate and physically and mentally healthier, then keeping a journal will give you a reference for your practice sessions and inspire you to be consistent, motivated, and inspired: make the best of your practice time. 

          This Via Media Karate Journal was designed to help you note the essentials of your practice. Each page lists your starting and ending time, primary goal, secondary goal, practices, and observations. These will determine what practices you will want to include in your sessions. Keeping the Via Media journal will help give you an honest view of your practice and progress. The record will keep you on track, inspiring your practice, improving the quality of your skills, while keeping you physically fit. 

My 2024 Karate Journal: A Personal Reference Log

$16.95 Regular Price
$12.72Sale Price

Enjoy a 25% Discount!

  • 5" x 8" paperback, 207 pages, 13 illustrations.

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