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Reflections on Mainland China and Taiwan is a multi-disciplinary collection of research articles on East Asia by scholars from Seton Hall University’s Asian Studies program. It encompasses a broad range of topics covering philosophy and religion, history, international relations, language, and culture. It includes a history of Seton Hall’s Chinese program, one of the earliest such curricula in the United States. Two papers compare eastern and western philosophies while other articles examine the concept of the Mandate of Heaven and the role of shaman in Song China society. Three essays explore various topics concerning Taiwan. Treatises on modern Chinese history provide a profile of a Chinese feminist and revolutionary during revolution against the imperial court and how Shanghai served as a refuge for Jews fleeing Europe during the World War II. Another essay outlines the contemporary practice and the health benefits of pacticing Yang Style Taijiquan.


Readers will gain insight into various dimensions of Asian history and culture. This book is dedicated to Dr. Edwin Pak-wah Leung who taught at Seton Hall University for forty years.

Reflections on Mainland China and Taiwan

  • 6" x 9" paperbound,  236 pages, 33 images