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What martial arts are associated with Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar (Burma)? What makes them unique when compared with other Asian martial systems? This Via Meida anthology is a convenient collection that focuses on the martial arts of these areas, such as the familiar art of Muay Thai, and lesser-known arts of Than Quyen of Vietnam, Burmese bando, and Cambodian leth wei. A specialized Via Media book.

Southeast Asian Martial Arts: Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

    • Two Boys Enter, Two Men Leave: A Night in Bangkoks Kickboxing Thunderdome, by David G. Allan
    • Daily Life at a Muay Thai Boxing Camp in Phetburi, by Jeremy Skaggs, B.A.
    • Than Quyen: An Introduction to Spirit Forms of Than Son Vietnamese Martial Arts, by Jason Tran, B.A.
    • Leth Wei and Khun Khmer Boran: Fighting Arts of Burma and Cambodia, by Scott Mallon
    • Cultural Myths: Unpacking the Origins of Muay Thai, by Loh Han Loong, B.S.
    • An Exploration of the Bando System & Other Ancient Burmese Fighting Traditions, by Duvon G. Winborne, Ph.D.


  • 6"x9" paperback, 98 pages, 147 illustrations

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