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This two-volume anthology brings much of the rich heritage conveniently together for your reading. In this second volume, there is a special emphasis on nurturing the internal aspects for health as well as for combative skills. You will find clear explanations outlining each step in the learning process toward mastering Chen-style t’ai chi. Chapters included here clarify what proper training entails and why much time and effort (gongfu) are necessary to gain results.

Chen T’ai Chi: Traditional Instructions from the Chen Village, Vol. 2

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    • The Nurturing Ways of Chen Taiji: An Interview with Yang Yang, by Michael A. DeMarco, M.A. & A. Edwin Matthews 
    • Internal Training: The Foundation for Chen Taiji’s Fighting Skills and Health Promotion, by Adam Wallace 
    • An Introduction to Seizing Techniques in Chen Style Taijiquan, by Yaron Seidman, L.Ac.
    • Dantian Rotation in Chen Taiji: Internal Energy Techniques and Their Relationship with the Body’s Meridians, by Bosco Seung-Chul Baek, B.S.
    • Tensegrity: Development of Dynamic Balance and Internal Power in Taijiquan, by Michael Rosario Graycar and Rachel Tomlinson, M.Ed. 
  • 6" x 9" paperback, 112 pages, 244 illustrations. eBOOK AVAILABLE from Kindle, iTunes, Nook, and Kobo.