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exemplary works on Asian martial art traditions with titles in other subject areas as well

Asian martial arts are some of the most popular and widely practiced forms of self-defense in the world. Via Media Publishing has been providing premier publishing services for Asian martial arts through its journal, anthologies and books. We have a deep understanding of the Asian martial arts community and offer a wide range of  topics in our publications to satisfy their interests be it learning, training, or teaching.

Our commitment to customer service and quality products makes us the go-to resource for those interested in gaining a greater depth of knowledge of Asian martial traditions. Our experienced team has worked with some of the most renowned experts in the field resulting in publications that hit your areas of interest.


We’ve organized our website menu so you can easily find books that will attract your attention. The menu therefore focuses on Chinese gongfu, Japanese budo, Korean styles, Southeast Asian styles, and other areas. Here is a summary of topics included:


  • CHINA: taijiquan (tai chi), bajiquan, kuntao, xingyi, praying mantis, wing chun, bagua, shuaijiao, qigong, and weaponry.

  • JAPAN: judo, kendo, jujutusu, karate, iaido, grappling, kobudo, aikido, and weaponry.

  • KOREA: taekwondo and taekyon.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: kuntao, silat, arnis, kalarippayattu, thang-ta, muay thai, leth wei, than quyen, khun khmer boran, and bando.

  • OTHER AREAS: sambo, systema, mixed martial arts (MMA), and specialized topics such as conditioning, grappling, martial art schools as businesses, women in martial arts, children practitioners, academic approaches, martial arts in literature, film and arts.

Non-Martial Art Titles

Other titles focus on topics other than martial. Flashbacks from the Other Side of the Tracks (Growing Up Italian-American) by Gino Carlotti is a collection of personal accounts of growing up in an Italian-American home in an inter-city (Erie, PA) neighborhood of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Mundunur: A Mountain Village Under the Spell of South Italy, by Michael DeMarco has also been published in Italian as Mundunur: Un paese di montagna sotto l'incantesimo del Sud Italia. This 334-page book details the history of Montenero Val Cocchiara (Mundunur in dialect) a typical village on the border of Italy’s Abruzzo and Molise regions. We are happy to announce that upcoming titles deal with world cultures.


Via Media Publishing is your one-stop website for finding Asian martial arts publications noted for high-quality content and presentation. The specialized non-martial titles prove highly significant to those interested in those subjects as well.

Via Media China.     Via Media Japan.    Via Media Korea.    Via Media Other areas.

Via Media China.     Via Media Japan.    Via Media Korea.    Via Media Other areas.

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