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With this first volume in the Via Media Series Tales of the Hermit, we will encounter Père Dominic, a Western pilgrim whose epic journey through the world of the 1600s encompasses adventures in countries as far flung as Ireland, India, China and, ultimately, the Islands Empire facing the sunrise. Père Dominic will find himself tested many times as he journeys eastward, particularly after his arrival in the Islands Empire. Greeted courteously at first, he will eventually become a hunted outcast as the Divine Winds turn against all foreigners. On the verge of being captured, he is spirited away to the Summit, a mountain refuge where a mysterious group of individuals shelters him and helps to rescue his mind as well as his body with their varied ministrations. As an integral part of their treatments, Père Dominic is invited and encouraged to explore the wealth of the Library. In Via Media's Volume I, Père Dominic will consider two particular scrolls and debate their significance with the Residents. His journey begins . . . An entertaining Via Media book.

Tales of the Hermit, Vol. 1

  • Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook have a distinguished reputation as the authors of two books that have long been recognized as classic publications: Secrets of the Samurai, and Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere. Their combined insights, together with a highly developed aesthetic sense and far-ranging artistic ability, ensures that this new Series will also inform, captivate, and inspire readers.

  • 8.5" x 11" paperback, 168 pages, 228 illustrations

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