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This Via Media anthology conveniently contains useful academic tools for studying the combative arts. Each chapter proves special to all interested in the intellectual side to the martial arts, providing fine details for categorizing the variety of martial arts. Some chapters focus on the martial arts as living culture and social implications. This Via Media book stands out for its scholarly use.

Academic Approaches to Martial Arts Research

  • • Social Organization and Martial Systems: A Cross-Cultural Typology by John Donohue, Ph.D.

    • Laws of Change or Seeing the Unseen in Martial Arts by Douglas Laurent, B.A.

    • Non-Asian Combative Arts: An Informal Hoplological Inquiry by David Lowry, B.S.

    • The Martial Arts: Rites of Passage, Dramas of Persuasion by Sally Harrison-Pepper, Ph.D.

    • Wave People: The Martial Arts and the American Imagination by John Donohue, Ph.D.

    • Research in Martial Sports: A Review by Willy Pieter, Ph.D.

    • The Classification of the Fighting Arts by John J. Donohue, Ph.D. and Kimberley Taylor, M.Sc.

    • Paradox and Dilemma: The Martial Arts and American Violence by Daniel Rosenberg, Ph.D.

    • Shape of Water: Martial Arts Styles as Technical Continuum by John Donohue, Ph.D.

    • Self-Transformation & the Martial Arts in the American Cultural Environment by Frederick W. Lohse, III., M.A., Ed.M.

    • The Importance of Martial Arts Research and Practice by Michael DeMarco, M.A.

    • Sound and Fury: Auditory Elements in Martial Ritual by John Donohue, Ph.D.

    • Aggressive Discourse in the Martial Arts: An Ethnographic Snapshot by Geoffrey Wingard, M.Ed.

    • Virtual Enlightenment: The Martial Arts, Cyberspace, & American Culture by John Donohue, Ph.D.

    • Integrative Combat: An Empirical Perspective of the Martial Arts by Gregory Vey, M.Sc.

    • Multiple Intelligences in the Process of Learning Martial Arts: Using Taijiquan as an Example by S. Dale Brown, M.A.

  • 6x9 paperback, 294 pages, 118 illustrations

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