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The content in this special two-volume Via Media anthology details the facets of aikido of Morihei Ueshiba (1883–1969)—O-Sensei, the great teacher. Each chapter in this Via Media book contributes to a piece of the aikido puzzle by providing historical details, insightful technical drills (bare handed and with weapons), and components that have flavored this art with a spiritual essence.

Aikido: O’Sensei’s Sublime Synthesis, Vol. 2

    • Dichotomous Keys to Fundamental Attacks & Defenses in Aikido, by Guillermo Paz-y-Miño C., Ph.D. & Avelina Espinosa, Ph.D.
    • Aikido: The Art of the Dynamic Equiangular Spiral, by Guillermo Paz-y-Miño C., Ph.D. & Avelina Espinosa, Ph.D.
    • Tetsutaka Sugawara Discusses Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba & the Kagura-Kotodama Staff, by C. Jeffrey Dykhuizen, Ph.D.
    • Hiroshi Ikeda’s Insights into Aikido Training, by Jay Barnet, M.A.
    • The Rhythm of Aikido, Pt. I, by Guillermo Paz-y-Miño C., Ph.D. & Avelina Espinosa, Ph.D.
    • Music Principles Applied to Aikido Techniques, Pt. II, by Guillermo Paz-y-Miño C., Ph.D. & Avelina Espinosa, Ph.D.
    • Using Aikido Principles for Conflict Resolution, by Bryan Golden, B.A.
    • Yoshimitu Yamada’s Influence on Aikido in the West, by George Kennedy, M.A.
    • Optical Illusions in Aikido, by G. Paz-y-Miño, Ph.D. & A. Espinosa, Ph.D. (Paz-y-Miño & Espinosa)
    • The Loyal Opposition & the Practice of Aikido, by Jonathan Miller-Lane, Ph.D.
    • Aikido as Myth, by M. Gauthier
    • Aikido Defenses Against Real-World Attacks, by Roy Y. Suenaka and Chad Taylor, M.S.
    • Aikido and Body-Awareness Training for Peacemaking and Combat, by Paul Linden, Ph.D.
    • Teaching Aikido to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, by Josh Paul, M.A.
  • 6" x 9" paperback, 216 pages, over 600 illustrations. eBOOK AVAILABLE from Kindle, iTunes, Nook, and Kobo.

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