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China can easily boast of its great martial traditions, which many would say is the richest in the world. There are a variety of styles from the north to the south that encompass an extensive repertoire of open-hand and weapon techniques. The ten chapters in this Via Media anthology illustrated this wide spectrum. We hope you will enjoy the material in this Via Media anthology, the personal stories of dedicated masters, and the rare photographs of their history and techniques.

An Anthology of Chinese Martial Arts

  • 6"x9" 149-page paperback, 338 illustrations

    • An Interview with Hou Faxiang Concerning Qigong Practice, by Mark Wiley, B.S.
    • Han Qingtang and His Seizing Art, by Robert W. Smith, M.A.
    • General Gao Fangxian and the Vitality of Northern Shaolin Boxing, by Robert W. Smith, M.A.
    • Hung Gar’s Ghost Leg Technique, by Allan Ondash
    • An Interview with Kwong Wing Lam on Iron Palm Training, by Mark Jensen, B.S.
    • Taiwan, Teachers, and Training: An Interview with Yang Jwingming – Part I, by Michael A. DeMarco, M.A.
    • Taiwan, Teachers, and Training: An Interview with Yang Jwingming – Part II, by Michael A. DeMarco, M.A.
    • Bridging Traditions Through Eclecticism: Stephan Berwick’s Path to Classical Martial Arts, by Richard Florence, M.A.
    • The Niulang Staff: A Cowhearding Stick as Weapon, by Donald W. Cheung, Ph.D.
    • North Star: Head Butting as a Weapon in Chinese Martial Arts, by Jake Burroughs, B.A.
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