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Many know of the legends concerning the Shaolin Temple as the font of Asian martial arts. However, this was not the only temple with deep associations with combatives. This Via Media anthology dives deep into the  historic significance of the relationship between temples, monks, and martial arts. Important topics in a Via Media book.

Asian Martial Arts, Monks, and Ways of Thought

  • 6"x9" 130-page paperback, 59 illustrations

    • Bodhidharma: Meditating Monk, Martial Arts Master or Make-Believe? by Michael Spiesbach, M.A., J.D.
    • The Daoist Origins of the Chinese Martial Arts, by Charles Holcombe, Ph.D.
    • Sohei: The Warrior Monks of Old Japan, by Jerry Shine
    • Silat Kebatinan as an Expression of Mysticism and Martial Culture in Southeast Asia, by Mark V. Wiley
    • Reflections on a Visit to the Shaolin Monastery, by Stanley E. Henning, M.A.
    • Reviving the Daoist Roots of Internal Martial Arts, by Mark Hawthorne
    • Asceticism and the Pursuit of Death by Warriors and Monks, by Ken Jeremiah, M.A.
    • Psychology, Physical Disability, and the Application of Buddhist Mindfulness to Martial Arts Programs, by Mark D. Kelland, Ph.D.
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