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This Via Media anthology presents articles from the Journal of Asian Martial Arts that are related to the theme of change. This does not mean that the authors are writing solely about philosophic ideas such as yin-yang, taiji, five phases (wuxing), or the eight hexagrams (bagua). From the content of these articles you will see how the views, needs, purposes and understandings of Chinese martial arts have changed over the centuries. By expounding on these themes, each author demonstrates how the actual practice of martial arts has changed in tandem with these fluctuating views. This is a valuable Via Media book for serious gongfu practitioners.

Chinese Martial Arts: Changing Views and Practices

  • 6" x 9" paperback 183 pages, 134 illustrations


    • Wu Guangxian: A Traditional Look at Martial Arts Practice, by Dietmar Stubenbaum
    • Theater of Combat: A Critical Look at the Chinese Martial Arts, by Charles Holcombe, Ph.D.
    • Gongfu, Guoshu, and Wushu: State Appropriation of the Martial Arts in Modern China, by Nigel Sutton, M.A.
    • How Western Perceptions Influenced the Martial Arts in Old Shanghai, by Brandon L. Sieg, B.S.
    • The Dynamic Impact of the Tiger within Chinese Martial Arts, by Wing Lam & Saleen Alamudeen
    • From Warriors to Sportsmen: How Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Adapted to Modernity, by Kai Filipiak, Ph.D.
    • A Historical Overview of Mixed Martial Arts in China, by William Acevedo, M.Eng. and M. Cheung, B.A.
    • Reflecting on Traditional Martial Arts: Past, Present, and Future, by Nicholas C. Yang, M.S.
    • Wushu's Transformation from the Local Boxing Ring to the World Stage: Globalization's Impact and Implications of the Evolution of Chinese Martial Arts, by Zheng Shuai, B.A.
    • Index
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