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If you are interested in practicing a martial art for health, this Via Media anthology is highly practical for this purpose. The content inspires readers to adapt ways to enrich their martial art practice to reach a higher standard of health. Includes a variety of supplementary training methods derived from Eastern and Western cultures plus scientific points of view useful and effective for modern practitioners of martial arts. A specialized book from Via Media.

Conditioning for Martial Art Practice

    • Warming-up for Martial Arts Practice: Scientific Foundations, by Brett L. Netherton, M.S., and Larry Durstine, Ph.D. 
    • Supplementary Weight Training for Miyagi Chojun’s Goju-ryu Karate, by John Porta and Jack McCabe, B.A.  
    • Breathing in Taiji and Other Fighting Arts, by Robert W. Smith, M.A.  
    • Landing Impact, Loading, and Injury Risk to the Lower Legs in Chinese Wushu, by Timothy A. Niiler, M.A., M.S. 
    • The Web of Breath: Weaving Life’s Energy into Your Martial Arts Practice, by Ted Mancuso
    • Nutrition and the Role of Diet in Martial Arts Competition, by Roberto Nurchis  
    • Cultivating the Elixir Field with Sinmoo Hapkido’s Danjun Breathing, by Sean Bradley, N.D., L.Ac.  
    • Renkoho: Maintaining a Flexible Body for Health & Longevity, by Katsumi Murakami; Trans. by Quint Oga-Baldwin, M.S.Ed.
    • Shaolin Physical Conditioning: What’s Old is New Again, by Julio Anta 
    • Training the Lower Body for Better Stances, Steps, & Kicks, by Allen Pittman, C.M.T., C.H.M.
    • Conditioning the Axis of the Body: Martial and Yogic Training, by Allen Pittman, C.M.T., C.H.M. 
  • 6x9 paperback, 218 pages, 398 illustrations

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