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This fictional work presents some of the daily occurrences of a career policeman, from  rookie cop to the position of chief. His personal story illuminates aspects of law enforcement that will resonate in readers who value peace at home and on the streets. Warning: many of the stories are humorous.


We begin in late summer, 1968. Braden Vicentin, a long-haired seventeen-year old from the east coast, heads to Arizona to start college and quickly realizes he has touched down in a foreign land. The history, food, language, and customs all play a part in causing the culture shock he experiences. He endeavors, adapting to the new social environment and to the expectations placed on him in academia.


Over time, Braden falls in love with Tessie, a local girl who’s hispanic upbringing only adds to her charm. Their bonds grow stronger. Upon graduation, Braden is faced with many questions, most important is whether to remain in Arizona or to pursue work elsewhere. His heart decides. He remains in Arizona to be close to Tessie and finds work in the city’s police department.


Just how Braden gets hired is a story in itself. Then comes years on night shift, walking the beat, patrolling in a squad car, and answering the “siren song”—the alluring call for help that is also potentially harmful or dangerous for any law enforcement officer. Yes, there are accounts of cops, robbers, drunks, and bikers. There are also accounts of compassion for the public, comradery among fellow officers, and love of family.  

Crossfire Southwest: Life Behind a Badge

  • 5" x 8" paperback 90 pages, 29 illustrations

    • Red or Green?
    • Never Fired a Gun
    • Bathroom Cleanup
    • No Parking Zone
    • Aldea Baca’s Annual Festival
    • Faceoff with Goliath
    • Friendly Fire and Ice
    • Spare Tire Puzzle 
    • Vested Interest
    • Dispatching the Dispatcher
    • Toe or Tongue Tag?
    • Not a Peace Pipe
    • Getting Fired Up
    • Solitary Confinement
    • Foiled Again
    • Female Fists
    • Signaling for Help
    • Working the Magic
    • Rooftop Jogging
    • Mommy is Sleeping
    • Power of Love
    • The Distinguishing Mark
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