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Some chapters in this Via Media anthology provide great detail on the military/martial manuals that recorded both battlefield arts and personal combative arts. Other chapters provide the theory and practice of qigong methods for health and martial effectiveness, and two detail Hapkido applications. A Via Media book focusing on Korean martial arts.

Foundations of Korean Martial Arts: Masters, Manuals & Combative Techniques

    • Traditional Korean Martial Arts, by Stanley E. Henning, M.A.
    • Ancient Military Manuals and Their Relation to Modern Korean Martial Arts, by Manuel E. Adrogué, L.L.M.
    • Korea’s Muye Dobo Tongji: A Sample of Martial Arts Training in the Yi Dynasty, by John Della Pia, M.A.
    • Native Korean Sword Techniques Described in the Muye Dobo Tongji, by John Della Pia, M.A.
    • Increased Lung Capacity Through Qigong Breathing Techniques of the Chung Moo Martial Art Style, by Patrick Massey, M.D., Ph.D., Eugene Thorner, M.D., William L. Preston, M.D., and John S. Lee, M.D.
    • Cultivating the Elixir Field with Sinmoo Hapkido’s Danjun Breathing, by Sean Bradley, MSAOM
    • Hapkido’s Defenses Against Multiple Opponents, by Marc Tedeschi, B.A.
    • A Few Favored Sinmoo Hapkido Techniques, by Sean Bradley, MSAOM
  • 6"x9" paperback, 143 pages, 263 illustrations

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