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Soon after birth, tiger cubs are instinctively drawn to wrestling. Eventually their play transforms into real skills of potentially lethal efficiency. Humans have done the same. In this Via Media anthology, you will find unique combative techniques found in some cultures as well as some techniques that are universal. This title widens the content of Via Media martial art coverage.

Grappling & Throwing From the Near and Far East

  • 6" x 9" paperback, 205 pages, 426 illustrations

    • Combat Wrestling: Geoghegan’s Blend from East to West, by Allen Pittman 
    • Mongolian Wrestling at the Nadaam 2002 Festival, by David G. Allan
    • Zurkhaneh: The Iranian House of Strength, by Dakin Burdick, Ph.D., Justin Wolske, B.A., and Shahyar Daneshgar, Ph.D.
    • Shuai Jiao: An Introduction to the Chinese Throwing Art, by Zhang Yun, M.A.  
    • Core Skills and Four Primary Applications of the Cross-Body Armlock, by Steve Scott, B.A.
    • The Kharbarelli Pick-Up: How and Why this Throwing Technique Works, by Steve Scott, B.A.
    • The Universal Martial Tactic: The Shoulder Throw and Its Variations, by Allen Pittman  
    • The Carotid Choke: To Sleep, Perchance to Die?, by Marc Rowe, M.D., and Lee Wedlake, B.A.
    • Throwing Techniques in the Internal Martial Arts: An Elucidation of the Guiding Principle of Sticking and Following, by Tim Cartmell, B.A. 
    • Sumo Wrestling: Practical Techniques for the Martial Artist, by Andrew Zerling, B.Sc.
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