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This special Via Media anthology is a collection of Henning’s superb articles, including one he co-wrote with Marnix Wells, on Chinese martial traditions. In the chapters included here, you’ll find a strong historic base for what the martial arts meant in old China and how they changed over the centuries. In order to understand martial arts as they were evolving over dynastic periods, it is necessary to look at the political and social settings, technology, and even geography and linguistics.


When it comes to research exemplifying Via Media standards, Henning presents clear facts and accurate conclusions. At the same time, he wisely states what is open to debate and requires further research. Reading this Via Media title will no doubt benefit the serious scholar of Chinese martial arts, and hopefully others will likewise benefit by patiently reading each chapter to broaden their understanding of the rich martial culture of China.  

Henning's Scholarly Works on Chinese Combative Traditions

    • Chinese Boxing: The Internal Versus External Schools in the Light of History and Theory
    • Reflections on a Visit to the Shaolin Temple
    • Southern Fists and Northern Legs: The Geography of Chinese Boxing
    • Chinese Boxing’s Ironic Odyssey
    • Traditional Korean Martial Arts
    • Whats in a Name? The Etymology of Chinese Boxing
    • New Light on the King Jinnaluo Legend and Shaolin Staff Fighting
    • Insights From the Home of Xingyiquan
    • China’s New Wave of Martial Studies Scholars
    • Che Style Xingyiquan in Taiwan as Taught by Dr. Wu Chaoxiang
    • Chinese General Yue Fei: Martial Arts Facts, Tales, and Mysteries
    • The Maiden of Yue: Fount of Chinese Martial Arts Theory
    • Ge Hong: Famous Daoist Thinker and Practical Martial Artist
    • Visiting Tianshui City: A Look into Martial Culture on China’s Northern Silk Route
    • Boxer Zhang Songxi and the Origins of the Internal-External School Concept, by Marnix Wells, Ph.D., and Stanley E. Henning, M.A. 
  • 6x9 paperback, 146 pages, 117 illustrations

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