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Chapters in this Via Media anthology present an excellent overview of the early days when jujutsu and judo took foothold in the USA and Europe, with particular emphasis on England and the influence of The Budokwai in London. Many of the leading practitioners of jujutsu/judo are included. As these arts adapted and transformed to Western countries, the purpose and modes of practice have also changed. This is important for all to study since knowledge of the past is vital for how these forms of combat and sport will evolve in the future. An important Via Media book for judoka.

Jujutsu & Judo in the West

    • Jujutsu: The Gentle Art and the Strenuous Life, by Joe Long, B.A.
    • Origins of the British Judo Association, the European Judo Union, & the International Judo Federation, by Richard Bowen 
    • Repercussions from the Douillet v.s. Shinohara’s Final Judo Bout at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, by David Finch
    • Ulla Werbrouck: Olympic and European Judo Champion Retires, by David Finch
    • Sport, Industrialism, and the Japanese “Gentle Way”: Judo in Late Victorian England, by Geoffrey Wingard, M.A. 
    • Isao Okano’s Impact on Judo Since the Lausanne World Championships, by David Finch
    • Jujutsu’s Image in Spain’s Wrestling Shows: A Historic Review, by Carlos Gutiérrez, Ph.D. and Julian Espartero, Ph.D.
    • Haragatame: Judo’s Rare Stomach Armlock, by David Finch
    • Kataguruma: Judo’s Spectacular Shoulder Wheel Throw, by David Finch
    • North Korean Kye Sun Hui: An Extraordinary Olympic Judo Player, by David Finch
    • “Treasure Chivalry, Despise Cowardice, and Esteem Straight-Living”: Culture and the Origins of The Budokwai, by Michael Callan, Ph.D.
    • The Budokwai Centennial, by Brian N. Watson 
    • One Hundred Years of The Budokwai, by John B. Goodbody, M.A.
    • Budokwai Kime-no-kata: Budowkai Forms of Decisive Techniques, by Llyr C. Jones, Ph.D., H. John Bowen, and David W. V. Finch
  • 6x9 paperback, 197 pages, 272 illustrations

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