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Four of seven chapters in this  anthology are by Dr. Phillip Zarrilli. His chapters focus on the combat arts of kalaripayattu and varma ati, and associated healing arts that encompass massage and herbal modalities. Dr. Sara Schneider shares her experience studying kalaripayattu in Kerala as an American single female in a foreign culture. Two more chapters broaden the coverage. Khilton Nongmaithem and Dainis Jirgensons present the martial art of Thang-Ta (“sword-spear”) as practiced in the northeastern state of Manipur. Music and dance are natural companions with martial traditions. By looking at these art forms, Dr. Bandana Mukhopadhyay’s chapter brings out some essential elements that accompany the culture of warfare in India. 

Martial and Healing Traditions of India

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  • 6"x9" 178-page paperback, 148 illustrations

    • To Heal and/or Harm: The Vital Spots (Marmmam/Varman) in Two South Indian Martial Traditions, Part I: Focus on Kerala’s Kalarippayattu by Phillip Zarrilli, Ph.D.
    • To Heal and/or Harm: The Vital Spots (Marmmam/Varman) in Two South Indian Martial Traditions, Part II: Focus on the Tamil Art of Varma Ati  by Phillip Zarrilli, Ph.D.
    • Actualizing Power(s) and Crafting a Self in Kalarippayattu: A South Indian Martial Art and the Yoga & Ayuvedic Paradigms by Phillip Zarrilli, Ph.D.
    • The Kalarippayattu Martial Master as Healer: Traditional Kerala Massage Therapies by Phillip Zarrilli, Ph.D.
    • Thang-Ta: The Martial Art of Manipur India by Khilton Nongmaithem and Dainis Jirgensons, Dipl.
    • War and Worship: Evolution of Martial Music and Dance in India by Bandana Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D.
    • Learning India’s Martial Art of Kalarippayattu: Unsettled Ecologies of Gender, Class, Culture, and Ethnicity by Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D.
    • Index