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The 1st of 3 Via Media volumes includes hundreds of pages and photographs presenting the richness of Okinawan martial traditions, from the original combatives to those influenced by Chinese and mainland Japanese martial art styles. The variety of topics shown in the table of contents indicate the depth and breath in the chapters, along with the authors who are well-known for their meticulous research and practical skills in specific arts. Each Via Media volume will prove enjoyable reading and permanent at-hand reference sources in your library.


Okinawan Martial Traditions, Vol. 1

    • The Material Culture of the Martial Arts: Exhibiting Okinawan Karate — Exhibit Hall of Okinawan Karate, by Anne Manyak, M.A. and Jim Silvan, B.A.
    • Exploring Our Roots: Historical & Cultural Foundations of Ideology of Karate-do, by Carrie Wingate, Ph.D.
    • The Makiwara as a Tool for Learning, by John R. Stebbins
    • Three Distinctive Techniques of Pwang Gai Noon-ryu, by Mary Bolz, B.S.
    • The World Within Karate and Kinjo Hiroshi, by Patrick McCarthy
    • The Karate of Miyagi Chojun, by John Porta and Jack McCabe
    • The Sources of Power in Karate, by Kazumasa Yokoyama
    • The Okinawan Sai – A Kobudo Weapon for Self-defense, by Mary Bolz, B.S.
    • Control of Center: The Technical, Strategic, and Spiritual Foundations of Ko-ryu Karatedo, by Robert E. Wolfe, II, B.A.
    • An Interview with Brian Frost on Testing Through Tameshiwari, by John C. Taylor, B.A.
    • Supplementary Weight Training for Miyagi Chojun’s Goju-ryu Karate, by John Porta & Jack McCabe, B.A.
    • An Interview with Uehara Seikichi on Motobu-ryu Udun-di Bujutsu, by Richard B. Florence, M.A.
    • Karate Techniques: Applied Physiology and Biomechanics, by Ronald Freund, M.D.
    • The Distinguishing Traits of Mas Oyama and Kyokushin Karate, by Michael J. Lorden
    • Without Spirit Budo is But an Empty Shell, by Jon Bluming
  • 6"x9" paperback, 251 pages, 311 illustrations

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