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The 2nd of 3 Via Mediavolumes includes hundreds of pages and photographs presenting the richness of Okinawan martial traditions, from the original combatives to those influenced by Chinese and mainland Japanese martial art styles. The variety of topics shown in the table of contents indicate the depth and breath in the chapters, along with the authors who are well-known for their meticulous research and practical skills in specific arts. Each Via Media volume will prove enjoyable reading and permanent at-hand reference sources in your library.

Okinawan Martial Traditions, Vol. 2

    • Kinjo Takashi Kaicho’s Advice to Karateka: “Use Both Hands!”, by Mary Bolz, B.S.             
    • Oral Traditions of Okinawan Karate, by Jim Silvan, B.A.
    • The History, Principles, and Precepts of Sakugawa Koshiki Shorinji-ryu Karatedo, by Wayne W. Van Horne, Ph.D. 
    • Re-Examining Ryukyu Kobudo: An Interview with Minowa Katsuhiko, by Mario McKenna, M.S.
    • Elements of Advanced Karate Technique, by Marvin Labbate 
    • An Interview with Murakami Katsumi: The Heart of Ryukyu's Martial Ways, by Mario McKenna, M.S.
    • Developing Advanced Goju-ryu Techniques: Illustrated in the Rising Block, by Marvin Labbate
    • Kanzaki Shigekazu: An Interview with To-on-ryu’s Leading Representative, by Mario McKenna, M.S. 
    • To-on-ryu: A Glympse into Karatedo’s Roots, by Mario McKenna, M.S.
    • Predicting Kumite Strategies: A Quantitative Approach to Karate, by Guillermo Paz-y-Miño C., Ph.D.
    • Karate Pioneer Yabu Kentsu, 1866–1937, by Joseph Svinth, M.A.
    • Koshin-ryu: The Rebirth of Okinawa’s Kojo Family Martial Arts, by Richard B. Florence, M.A.
    • Kobudo: Okinawan Weapons are Not All Flash, by Mary Bolz, B.S.
    • Basic Foundations in Okinawan Karate: Interview with Canadian Tsuruoka Masami, by Olga Toth and Robert Toth    
  • 6"x9" paperback, 255 pages, over 380 illustrations

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