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A Via Media book, Reflections on Mainland China and Taiwan is a multi-disciplinary collection of research articles on East Asia by scholars from Seton Hall University’s Asian Studies program. It encompasses a broad range of topics covering philosophy and religion, history, international relations, language, and culture. It includes a history of Seton Hall’s Chinese program, one of the earliest such curricula in the United States. This Via Media book is dedicated to Dr. Edwin Pak-wah Leung who taught at Seton Hall University for forty years.

Reflections on Mainland China and Taiwan

  • 6" x 9" paperbound,  236 pages, 33 images

  • • Preface, by Michael A. Stone

    • Introduction, by Michael A. Stone

    • List of Contributors


    • Observing Nature: The Philosophical Imagery of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and the Daodejing, by Michael Mascio
    • Chinese Program at Seton Hall University, 1952­-2012: A Case Study of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in America, by Dongdong Chen
    • The Merging of Modern Nationalism and Modern Feminism During China’s Late Qing and the Role of Qiu Jin, by Michael A. Stone
    • European Jewish Refugees in Shanghai during WWII, by Daijuan Gao
    • The Effects of Chinese Displays of Force on the U.S.­-Taiwan Relationship, by Ian Murphy
    • Taiwan’s COVID Response, by Jiayi Zhang
    • Dispelling the Myth of the Mandate of Heaven as a Rationalization for Regime Change, by Gloria Shen
    • Sin in Tiantai Buddhism and Christianity: A Comparison Between Zhiyi and Pope Gregory I, by Wangyu Tang
    • Curing Disease and Praying for Rain: Two Neglected Social Functions of Song Dynasty Shamans, by Wei Xiang
    • The February 28 Incident in Taiwan: A Milestone of Taiwan’s Foundation for Democracy, by Pao-Fong Cheng
    • A Phenomenology of Teaching Chinese Tones with Erhu: A Case Study of a Chinese Language School in New Jersey, by Li Kang
    • Yang Taiji Practice and Western Medical Health Guidelines, by Michael DeMarco

    Appendix: A List of Professor Edwin Pak­wah Leung’s Publications


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