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A needle may draw a thread through printed pages to bind a book. In this little memoir, I feel like a needle that drew a common thread though a segment of martial art history. This book details three interrelated activities: (1) martial art studies, (2) involvement as founder of Via Media Publishing, producing a quarterly journal and books, and (3) teaching martial arts.


Publishers, writers, researchers and serious martial art practitioners will benefit with the detailed overview of Via Media and its publications. Via Media produced the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, known for its high academic and aesthetic standards. Its contents reflect the history of two decades and provides rich information for practitioners and scholars, making The Best Fight a valuable reference work.


In addition to reading, the primary way to learn a martial art is through instruction. In reading about my studies and teaching experience, readers can relate to their own involvement in martial arts. What is important here is the portrayal of my instructors, their teaching methods, and reasons for being involved in martial arts. Their accounts should offer insights and inspiration for others who study and practice any martial art.

The Best Fight: a memoir of a martial art practitioner, publisher, and author

  • Preface

    I    Kuntao-Silat: Chinese Hands, Indonesian Feet

    Martial Essence: Pepperman and Sykes — Five Quarters for a Dollar: Richard Lopez — Count Willem Reeders’ Royal Kungfu — Reeders in Indonesia — Article: Practical Fighting Strategies of Indonesian Kuntao-Silat in the Willem Reeders Tradition

    II    Yang and Chen Taijiquan: Universal Principles

    Yang Qingyu’s Compassionate Presence — Article: Xiong Yanghe’s Taiji in Taiwan — Du Yuze’s Chen Taiji — Article: A Brief Description of Chen Style Master Du Yuze    

    III    Via Media Publishing: Pursuing the Middle Way  

    Tilling the Field of Asian Martial Arts Study — Setting Goals for the Journal of Asian Martial Arts — Starting Via Media Publishing Company — Realities of Publishing the Journal of Asian Martial Arts — Publishing Pleasures — Finale  

    IV    Journal of Asian Martial Arts: Contents & Comments  

    V    Other Via Media Publications: Anthologies & Books 

    VI    Transferring a Martial Tradition

    Teaching and Learning in Erie, PA — Teaching and Learning in Santa Fe, NM — Enter the Novice Student — The Winged Lion School of Tai Chi

    Postscript, General Index, Author Index (published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts)

  • 6"x9" 140-page paperback, 65 illustrations

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