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This book provides an overview of the martial art system derived from Willem Reeders (1917-1990) and his uncle Liu Seong. The hybrid system inherited much from Liu Seong since he was of Chinese royalty and received specialized training while living in China. In addition, Reeders had moved to Indonesia and studied a number of the indigenous silat arts. Alejandro Rooney assembled this book through research and interviews with Grandmaster Reginald McKissick and Master Dexter Parker. The result is a detailed overview that includes the historical background and the theory and practice of Liu Seong's art, reflecting like a "broken mirror" all of the arts embodied in the martial system. A special addition for a libaray of asian martial art books.

The Liu Seong Kuntao Broken Mirror System

  • 6' x 9" paperback 116 pages, 32 illustrations

  • CHAPTER 1: Background

    History, Basic Concepts and Philosophy, Preservation versus Modernization, Characteristics of Liu Seong Kuntao, Attitude and Mindset

    CHAPTER 2: Stances and Footwork

    Fundamental Concepts, Stances, Footwork, Training

    CHAPTER 3: Hands and Arms

    Blocking and Parrying, Closed-Hand Strikes, Open-Hand Strikes, Elbow Strikes, Training

    CHAPTER 4: Legs and Knees

    Kicks, Foot Sweeps, Defensive Countermeasures Against High Kicks, Training

    CHAPTER 5: Flow

    CHAPTER 6: Forms

    The Southern Set, The Leopard Set, The Low Tiger Set

    CHAPTER 7: Qigong

    Basic Relaxation Techniques

    CHAPTER 8: Putting It All Together

    • Lineage Chart and Bibliogreaphy

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