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Keeping This Notebook Will Benefit You!

To write or not to write? If your goal is to become better skilled in martial arts and physically and mentally healthier, then it is best not to take a haphazard approach to your practice. Keeping a notebook will give you a reference for your practice sessions and inspire you to be consistent, motivated, and inspired: make the best of your practice time.


What are your goals? Write them down so you can actually see what ranks in importance. You may wish to learn a new routine, focus on self-defense techniques, or enjoy the sweat brought on by sparring. A daily record helps one see what goals are being reached, or not reached. Over time, the goals may change. You will want to adapt your workout sessions whenever you discover a better method to ensure you’re making progress. Discover what has worked well and also what hasn’t worked. Adjust. Keep moving forward.


Remember your instructor’s advice and get results. Keeping the notebook will also give you a vision of the past, present and future of your martial practice. It will ensure your progressive learning and improve your skills. Each page will capture your efforts toward the goals you’ve made and reached. The record will keep you on track, inspiring your practice, improving the quality of your skills, while keeping you physically fit.


• You can start using this book any day, but perferably at the start of a month.

Via Media's Martial Art Notebook

  • 5"x8" paperback, 210 pages, 17 illustrations.

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